Forest River – Rockwood – Ultra Lite 2702ws



  • Brochure Length 33′
  • Actual Length?
  • HW 870#
  • Standard 13k btu AC unit

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Travel Trailers Currently in the Running

Based on all my research here (General TT Research) my wife an I have narrowed down the Travel Trailers (TT) to these three. My intent of this page is to keep our top three picks updated with current information as we find more out about them.

  1. Grand Design – Imagine 2800 BH
  2. Heartland North Trail NT King 28 DBSS
    • Alternate: Wilderness 2850BH
  3. Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2702ws
    • Alternate: Flagstaff Super Lite 27bews

For details on each camper in the running, click on their individual blog post.

General TT Research

From my previous article (Travel Trailer Requirements & Things to Look At) Here’s a quick list of our requirements for our next Travel Trailer (TT).

  • Battery disconnect
  • Exterior shower
  • Bunks
  • Big bathroom
  • CPAP machine night stands with outlets
  • Walk-On roof
  • 15k Ducted AC
  • Power tongue jack
  • TV location that is easy to view throughout the TT
  • Dry Hitch Weight under 900# – Preferably under 700#
  • Trailer GVWR under 9000#

I started my search by looking at all the TT brands/models that are listed on this website (All TT Manufacturers). I don’t know how up-to-date it is with the latest RV dealers but it seems pretty accurate. I found it to be incredibly helpful! Thanks Changing Gears for putting that together. Lots of great info on their site! It is a little out of date though because Grand Design doesn’t show up here. They introduced their TT’s into the market in 2013.

Below is a complete and running list of TT’s I’ve looked into that have in some way met our requirements. At least to the point of looking into them further.

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Grand Design RV

In the little time that I have known about them, Grand Design has impressed me. I have a Rockwood Mini-Lite today and have had great luck with them. I believe Rockwood to be a quality manufacturer and one I would continue to purchase from. Enough about Rockwood though as this article is about Grand Design (GD). I haven’t owned one so all my information is from my research into their company and personal experience with their customer response team. Here we go…

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