Heartland – North Trail NT King 28 DBSS




  • Brochure Length 34′
  • Actual Length?
  • HW 644#
  • Standard AC btu size?

Key Features

  • Large nightstands.


  • No roof ladder. Is the roof truly walk-able?
  • TV Spins from living room to bedroom and doesn’t extend into living room.
  • The exterior quality of the Wilderness (non-2850) that we toured wasn’t great. Worried that the North Trail may have the same problems.


  • Alternate: This is very similar to the Wilderness WD 2850 BH. Nearly the same floor plan but is slightly different.
  • I think this is a very nice rig. Might have to be the one we get.
  • This is our second choice TT but we haven’t been able to find one to tour.
  • Toured a 36′ Model on 6/9/17 at Minneapolis Trailer Sales
    • Personnel there seemed a little pushy and didn’t believe us when we told them what we wanted.
    • They sold the 2850 unit before we could look at it so they wanted us to buy something else.
    • The unit we looked at, even though it was new, had extra, non-factory caulking around the gutter extensions that was already cracked and peeling.
      • Left me wondering about the quality of Heartland RVs. Maybe was just the camper we looked at and maybe it truly wasn’t a new TT that we were lead to believe.



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