Grand Design – Imagine 2800 BH




  • Brochure Length 32′
  • Actual Length?
  • GVWR: 7495#
  • HW 575#
  • Standard 15k btu AC unit.

Key Features

  • There’s a dedicated door to the bedroom.
  • There is a “PetStop” dish drawer.
  • Tons of storage under bunks. Can put bikes there.
  • Heated sub-floor for later fall camping.
    • No heat pads on tanks.
  • Dump Valves for tanks are located all in one spot due to the tank plumbing being all routed to the back.
  • Kitchen counter space is huge.Imagine-2800-Kitchen
    • This is an older picture as the sink is now a under-mount version and the cabinet to the left of the range is now just drawers (better).


  • Complaints about heat not making it into the bathroom.
  • Complaints about water siphoning out of the fresh water tank.
  • Grand Design is a new company so long term problems might not be known yet.
  • Nightstands are small. Need to tour camper again with a CPAP machine to see how much room we really have there.
  • Dump valves are operated on a cable system. Not a direct valve pull which on my Winnebago really stunk as over time those weren’t able to close as well.
  • Bathroom vent has a wimpy fan.
  • Small lights in the living space. Will they let off enough light?
    • Minimal lighting over couch and table area.


  • ThumbsUp Beginning 2018 mid year and beyond, this model has an outdoor shower sprayer in docking station.
  • ThumbsUp Beginning 2018 and beyond, this model has a dedicated exterior door to bedroom.
  • Toured this model on 6/9/17 at Pleasureland RV in St. Cloud
    • They have high turnover so they have the newest built units. More so than other dealers!

Full Feature List

This list is not a manufacturer list of features but a list with my spin on what I feel is important to mention. Less important items that I didn’t list as part of the “Key Features” above.

  • Grand Design is a new company and very responsive to customers! See my blog post (Grand Design – Imagine 2800 BH).
  • Interior design looks fresh and new.
    • Frosted Glass Cabinet Door Inserts
    • Large Windows
    • Dark wood but light walls, ceiling, table, and floors.
  • Includes standard three packages
    • Peace of Mind Package
      • Under-mount farmhouse (single bowl) sink.
    • Ultimate Power Package
      • Motion sensor entry and pass through lights
      • 15k btu AC unit.
    • Four-Season Protection Package
      • No furnace vents in the floor.
        • Safer for pets and children.
        • Won’t trap dirt and debris.
    • ThumbsUp The camper ships with these packages. They aren’t optional! This is important to note! Other manufacturers don’t have these things standard.
  • A regular residential 60″ x 80″ Queen bed
    • Large under bed storage without drawers taking up space.
  • Structure
    • Glued and Screwed Cabinetry
    • Radius Ceiling
  • General Exterior
    • Battery Kill Switch
    • Roof Ladder
    • Large door grab handles on both doors
    • Sliding instead of tip-out windows
    • Shorty TV Antenna (Shark?)
    • ThumbsUp Fresh Water to City Water valve like a Class A Motorhome has.
    • Don’t have to crawl under the slide to get at connections.
    • Gutter extensions to remove water runoff from the sides of the camper
  • Range has a built in stove-top lighter
  • Three vents in the trailer instead of 2
    • Two of them are powered (wimpy fans though)
  • Storage
    • Metal Slam-Latches on Storage doors
    • Magnetic Storage Hasps
    • Storage Cubby Behind TV instead of having to move TV to get to it or having a full pantry behind TV wall.
    • Storage cabinets above bed instead of a useless shelf.
    • Linen Closet in bathroom
    • Bathroom counter extends towards shower with storage below
    • Shoe storage area by entry door
    • Coat hooks by entry door.
  • The center of the U-Dinette turns into an ottoman for the couch
  • Freestanding U-Dinette table
  • Night shades only? Why not day/night but really I’ve only really ever used just the night ones anyways in my Winnebago.
  • Blue Tooth entertainment system.
  • Separate light & fan switches in bathroom.
  • Individual curtains that close off each bunk.

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