Forest River – Rockwood – Ultra Lite 2702ws



  • Brochure Length 33′
  • Actual Length?
  • HW 870#
  • Standard 13k btu AC unit

Key Features

  • Has a wardrobe in a slide for extra storage.
  • Large nightstands.
  • Can do lots of upgrades (through order) from the manufacturer.


  • HW is real high.
  • Unknown what all the options might be that we could order or ones that come standard that we might not like since we haven’t toured one.


  • Alternate: Flagstaff Super Lite 27bews.
  • Universal doesn’t stock this model but can order it for us.
  • Interior seems to be getting dated.
  • Haven’t been able to find one to tour though we’ve looked at the 2706ws which is a slightly different floor plan.

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